9 Principles Of

 Wayne Dyer

(from Manifest Your Destiny)
1. Live from Your Highest Self
"I have a divine ability to manifest and attract all that I need and desire."
2. Learn to Trust Your Divine Inner Wisdom
"I trust in myself and in the wisdom that created me."
3. Honor Your Worthiness to Receive
"I deserve to experience divine abundance, for I am a part of God."
4. Realize that You Are Not Separate from Your Environment
"I am one with my surroundings, aware of the connective energy between me and my world."
5. Attract to Yourself What You Desire
"The divine creative power within me brings to me all that I want with happiness, love, and peace."
6. Connect to Your Divinity with Unconditional Love
"I express the energy of unconditional love to all people and all things in my life."
7. Detach from the Outcome
"I trust in the universal intelligence that created me to bring my desires to me in just the right way at the perfect time."
8. Acknowledge Your Results with Gratitude and Generosity
"I am deeply thankful for all that I've received, and I enjoy giving to others in the spirit of love and service."
9. Meditate to the Sound of Creation
"I meditate each day to increase my awareness of the divine power within me. Through meditation, I am able to realize the beauty, grace, and love that directs my life and fulfills my deepest desires."


A Psalm Of Life